City Councilor Aaron Banks hold city hall on garbage removal contract



JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) For the second day, the trash conversation continues. This time, City Councilor Aaron Banks held his own town hall to tell his side of the story. While the future of waste disposal in the city of Jackson remains unknown.

The repeated failures of negotiations between municipal leaders and waste management leave the capital on the brink of crisis. As time is running out with just over 48 hours remaining in the city’s current garbage removal contract, tension is mounting.

Thursday could be Jackson’s last trash day until a deal is reached. Banks commented, “I hope this will happen soon. The bottom line is that I think the board has taken all possible steps to make sure on Friday that we don’t have trash piling up.

Council members are hoping for the mayor’s signature for the proposed 30-day extension with Waste Management. Mayor Lumumba said: “What I want is to make sure that we have an efficient service, that we treat our workers properly and that we also have a solution on how we collect our waste.

The mayor remains firm on his position on the matter. Following a city council meeting, Jackson’s mayor chose not to comment on future lawsuits against his council.

Jackson residents attended both meetings, expressing frustration with the looming crisis. A Jackson woman said, “In metropolitan cities that get services once a week with a trash can and their streets are clean.

In support of the end of a business relationship between the City of Jackson and Waste Management. “You all have something in place to make sure they’re taken care of,” added local preacher Greg Divinity in support of the city’s sanitation workers.

Waste management workers are asking city leaders to do something about their stressful work environment. A former Waste Management employee said: “This was not a new business, it was processing. I know a lot of people who are not here now because of the treatment.

“FCC looked great two hoppers, two hoppers running to dump garbage, that sounded good,” added a current employee in hopes of seeing a better working environment.

According to City Councilor Aaron Banks, FCC Environmental Services won the mayors’ nomination but was rejected by city council twice, rendering their proposal void for one year.

City Council still wants the mayor to sign the 30-day extension with Waste Management in order to maintain the garbage collection service in the city.

Failure to do so could result in a daily fine of $ 25,000. The temporary expansion plan is expected to allow the mayor sufficient time to complete another tendering process.

Council Banks said it was working with Hinds County supervisors to develop a back-up plan if an agreement was not met.


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