Garbage collection could soon cost you more

OTTAWA – Ottawa is on the brink of a waste crisis, and the solution may be just a few clicks away for residents. A City of Ottawa online survey asks how you want your garbage collected, to help reduce waste.

However, you only have a few days left to vote on how you want the city to handle garbage.

“There are times when I only have a small bag of garbage and there are times when you clean up and you have a lot of bags,” says Antonietta Martines, a resident of Ottawa.

Martines used her green bin, but not anymore. Messy food waste became too much of a strain, she says, so she started using a composter in her backyard instead.

“I don’t use it because I hate clutter,” says Martines. “I don’t use it but I found my personal solution. All my peels, corn, everything goes in my composter. It is an excellent idea.

Martines is doing her part, but some Ottawa residents are not, which is why the City of Ottawa is making massive changes to waste collection.

The city has launched a survey with three options to help reduce waste.

  • Partial pay-as-you-go: households would be allowed to drop off a set number of garbage for collection. Households with more than this limit would purchase garbage tags for each additional item.

  • Reduced Item Limits: Households would indicate a reduced number of garbage items to pick up. Anything over the limit will not be collected.

  • Transparent garbage bags with bans on recycling and organic materials: households would put their waste in transparent bags. Recyclable materials and organic waste would not be allowed in the garbage.

All of the town’s residential waste ends up at the Trail landfill. The City says that if nothing is done to reduce household garbage, the landfill will reach capacity in 15 years.

“The hope is that through diversion and new technologies, we will extend the life of the landfill and continue to use the landfill we have,” said Environment Committee Chairman Coun. Scott Moffatt. “You can’t just ban organic and expect everyone to do it. So this is where transparent plastic bags come in. So you have clear plastic bags, coupled with a ban on organics, and that’s how you’re going to reduce waste in that regard.

Martines says she doesn’t like the idea of ​​transparent plastic bags on the side of the road.

“It’s not going to work, I know that. People will find another way to dispose of their garbage, ”says Martines. “Garbage must be collected at least once a week. And I’m talking about that for the whole neighborhood and I’m sure it’s the whole city of Ottawa as well.

“We collect your garbage every week. It’s called a green bin, ”explains Moffatt. “Most of your waste that you produce is organic and can go in the green bin and we’ll pick it up every weekend at the end of your lane. “

The results of the survey will be used to help select the best possible choice for curbside pickup, which could be one or a combination of the three options. So far, there have been 17,000 responses.

The deadline to submit your choice to reduce waste is September 12.

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