Suspension lifted for Blackhorn Environmental LLC in Orange Grove

ORANGE GROVE – Blackhorn Environmental Services has been released from a license suspended by the Texas Railroad Commission (RRC) and the waste disposal facility will also not be subject to fines or penalties related to a series of ‘offenses.

Blackhorn Environmental Services LLC is located on 232 acres off County Road 308 and is a disposal facility that serves the oil and gas industry and is licensed and regulated by the RRC. The facility is located five miles from the city of Orange Grove and is near some 40 residences.

Residents nearby have long complained about road safety and air quality issues and have received written support from local and state authorities.

Earlier this year, the facility was cited for several potential violations, including allegations the facility accepted unauthorized waste, inappropriately disposed of waste, and had inconsistent records.

The facility’s operating license was suspended over the summer after a commission audit of allegations the facility accepted waste it was not authorized to accept, including waste. wastes not exempt from RCRA and wastes from commercial operators without required testing.

RCRA stands for Resource Conservation and Recovery Act, a federal law that regulates the management of hazardous waste, non-hazardous waste, medical waste, and underground storage tanks.

“While this is not a final order and will not be directed to Blackhorn Environmental Services, LLC, Blackhorn welcomes confirmation from the Railroad Commission that all operations at its facility are in full compliance. on the terms of the license, ”said attorney Patricia Canales Bell representing Blackhorn. As we continue to operate, Blackhorn Environmental Services, LLC maintains the highest environmental standards and complies with the laws and regulations imposed by the State of Texas. “

The commission report states that after a review of Blackhorn’s reports from the date authorized in 2014 and since the start of operations of the facility in 2019, the technical permit revealed that the facility was in violation of its allowed.

However, those violations have been addressed and Blackhorn officials have demonstrated that they understand their permit requirements and have implemented procedures to prevent future violations, the report says.

“It’s a major disappointment,” said Tara Jones, Blackhorn’s residential neighbor, of the license suspension being lifted. “I don’t understand the reasoning behind their decision.

This is a developing story. Check back for updates.

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